Nail salon uniform t-shirt

    Ngày: 19/08/2021

T-shirts for nail salon uniforms are sewn in the form of round-neck or short-sleeve t-shirts. Thanh Cong uniforms accept quality nail salon uniforms. Free design and shipping.

The T-shirt used as a uniform shirt for the nail salon, the first impression is youthful and dynamic, when ordering a nail salon uniform t-shirt, customers need to pay attention to important points such as: good fabric. In order to create the most comfortable feeling when wearing, the fabric is dustproof, the design is luxurious and beautiful to build the image of a professional staff, on T-shirts, nail salon uniforms are often printed with the brand's logo and message. 

                                    Nail salon uniform t-shirt

Nail salon uniforms also promote aesthetics in design and color coordination. Usually, uniforms for nail workers are sewn in the form of round neck t-shirts or collars, short sleeves. The shirt colors used correspond to the main color of the brand, or the colors are gentle, neutral, bringing a pleasant feeling such as black, gray, white ...

                           Nail salon uniform t-shirt

Thanh Cong uniforms Accepting quality nail salon uniforms

Thanh Cong Uniform Company is confident to be a uniform t-shirt sewing unit trusted by many customers nationwide and internationally and has ordered uniform t-shirts for nail salons for many years.

With many years of experience in the field of T-shirt sewing. Uniform Thanh Cong has deployed printing, embroidery and sewing services for T-shirts at the factory. Guarantee 100% customers will be satisfied, we will commit to bring you the most guaranteed products, with the cheapest, most competitive prices. With a system of printing, embroidery, and self-contained T-shirt uniforms , we are proactive in everything to be able to serve our customers in the best way before.Nail salon uniform t-shirt

Over 20 years of construction and development, Uniform Thanh Cong has been increasingly asserting its position in the field of supplying and sewing uniforms not only in Vietnam but also in supplying and exporting. uniforms for many customers in countries such as the US, Japan, and Korea.

                      Nail salon uniform t-shirt

Product quality is the guideline for the development of Thanh Cong Uniform Company

- The source of genuine t-shirt fabric, cool, less ruffled and at least color

- Ink printed on uniform t-shirts l high-quality, durable, non-toxic, non-flaking ink.

- Asian and European standard shirt form, neat, suitable for all body shapes

- Sewing lines are always focused.